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Career Development Planning & Strategic Job Search

Individual 1-on-1 attention until you accept the position of YOUR choice

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The success rate for those who focus on published openings
is just 5-8%.

That’s why our strategic job search does not wait for an opening.

Instead, we help you navigate the hidden job market – opportunities that are not advertised to the public. With less competition, your success rate jumps to 58 - 62%.
(Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor)

This is why degreed professionals partner with Chessmen. Our focus is entirely on helping you attain the outcome that is best for you. When was the last time you had someone in your corner, completely focused on your objectives?

With Chessmen you:

  • Identify your unique talents and interests – and your ideal position.
  • Strategize your next job, career move – or self employment opportunity.
  • Formulate a marketing strategy – to target companies of your choosing.
  • Network your way inside – so you are recognized for your expertise.
  • Create a strategic résumé – to stand out as the ideal choice.
  • Rehearse interviews – to polish your skills.
  • Prepare you to negotiate – and obtain the best salary and compensation.
  • Keep you focused and motivated every day!

We provide strategic job search consulting for positions in management, from the
President/CEO to Vice Presidents, Directors, Scientists, Engineers, Accountants, CFO’s, Controllers, Sales and Marketing professionals, Project Managers - all disciplines, industries, and types of work.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s, a Ph.D. or an MD, Chessmen will help you attain your ideal position.

Request a no-obligation review with a senior Chessmen consultant – simply forward your résumé to:

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