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About Chessmen

Far beyond networking advice and interview preparation tips – Chessmen is your strategic job search partner.

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Chessmen Career Movers was founded to ensure that degreed professionals find the position that will bring them true fulfillment – faster and with less stress than they possibly could on their own.

Chessmen is unique in two ways:

  1. The extensive marketing support we provide each individual;
  2. Our one-on-one commitment until you accept the position of your choice.

With 25+ years of experience, Chessmen is one of the oldest and largest locally-owned companies in the field.

Career Consulting & Coaching

Our approach centers on individualized attention that results in a clear picture of what career success means to you. Then we formulate a marketing plan and action steps to make your new future a reality.

You will never again question if your efforts are focused on the right tasks to help you succeed. While we can’t do all the work for you, the insight, knowledge and motivation you receive will propel you to accomplish what you never thought possible!

Corporate Outplacement

Conscientious employers partner with Chessmen to provide outplacement for their separated employees, to ease the transition and ensure each severance is handled professionally.

Employers rely on us because we are:

  1. Flexible and available for short notice separations.
  2. Extensive in the support we deliver to separated employees.

Our free termination checklist helps to ensure that each and every separation is thorough and conducted properly. Our focus on preplanning, professional execution, and successful placement eases concerns of litigation and bolsters your reputation as an employer.

We invite you to contact us and permit us to discover how Chessmen can help you remain a fair yet agile employer.

Founded in 1986, all employees have more than 15 years experience with Chessmen. Chessmen is an accredited member of the San Diego Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating. Member, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)