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You might think to yourself, "Job consultant?  I can do this myself!"  On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to walk into your next job interview stone cold confident with a collection of tried-and-true strategies for every step of the interview process?  Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what to say — and when to say it during the interview to put you immediately on the "A" list of callbacks for that position?  Wouldn't it be nice to have the right answer ready for every question — especially when they make you an offer?  It would be nice.  That's exactly what the job consultant San Diego has come to regard as the best in their field will prepare you for.  Make no mistake about it.  You could do this on your own, BUT... you would be much more successful at it with the experienced job coaching of San Diego's most successful job consultant, Chessmen Career Movers.

Take this one example Chessmen president Richard Knappen has written about which was published in the San Diego Reader a few years ago on the topic of "How to Answer These Dreaded Interview Questions": What’s Your Greatest Weakness? How Much Are You Looking to Make?  Just reading those words can get you tongue-tied and sweating bullets as you try to conjure up some sort of answer.  Wouldn't it be nice if you had the perfect answer ready at the tip of your tongue?  Yes... it would be nice!  And that's exactly what the Chessmen process will teach you.  That and so very much more.

Give Chessmen a call today at (619) 296-8828.  Have every answer to every question any job interviewer will ever ask.  And not just "an answer", but a strategic, well thought-out, "get you to the next level" answer.  Work with the most successful job consultant San Diego has ever produced!