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Chessmen: The Job Coaching San Diego Refers Most

Need a better job... gotta' get a good job... gotta' find a better job... this job I have stinks.... and so on.  You feel you're in a rut that you simply MUST get out of.  You send out resume after resume after resume... and nothing.  What's wrong?  The simple truth is there are more people than there are jobs.  Great.  Now what.  Well, you have to set yourself apart.  But how?  You need the help of a job coaching professional that knows how to set you up to win at the job hunting game.  You might think getting a resume punch up will do the trick — and Chessmen will certainly do that for you, but that's only a small part of getting the best job you can, because once they call you based on your resume, you had better say and do all the right things to take yourself to the next level.  But what are those things?  EXACTLY!  It's way too much to just tell you right here (but you can read more about our strategies here).  We need to analyze you job history; get to know you; find out what your strengths are; find out what YOU want out of a career; determine what industries you are best suited for; teach you how to act; what to say and what not to say; and on and on.  After 25 years at this we've developed an exacting process whereby we actually mold you as an ideal job candidate.  Job coaching San Diego prospects to achieve their goals is a precise science and we take it very seriously.  If you're like most people, you might have had 5 or 6 jobs in your life.  The effort preparing for getting any of those jobs was probably not too involved.  But today's job market is different.  There are so many qualified people for each position, you have to come off head and shoulders above the competition to get called back for even a second interview.  Our job is to prepare you to be ready for any question... any situation... any test.  And we do that very well.

Take this simple, no nonsense article by Chessmen president Richard Knappen as published in the San Diego Reader: Mistakes New College Graduates Make in the Job-Search Process.  Yeah... they taught you a lot in college, except how to leverage that knowledge and turn it into the income you'd expect.  That's why job coaching San Diego applicants is a business, and we've been at it for over 25 years.  And in that time we've helped hundred of people just like you prepare for every aspect of finding the perfect job.  It's all based on YOU.  Not just a set of steps, but a finely-tuned, personalized process whereby we dig deep to draw out of you the skill, abilities, temperament, and uniqueness that will give you the edge long before you even get the call.  First by by developing a winning resume, and second, so that the moment you walk into that interview, you are prepared, confident, and have the answers to every question ready.

And all you have to do is let us give you the Chessmen job makeover.  With it, you'll have that much needed edge and be ready to shine in your interview.  Call for a no-obligation career review with a senior Chessmen consultant: (619) 296-8828 for the best job coaching San Diego has to offer.