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Chessmen Testimonials

Read what our clients say about the expert service we provide.

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"The résumé you prepared from me was dynamite. Everyone was blown away by my background and credentials. Also the interviewing skills that we practiced made all the difference. These are unusual times, and I am so happy this is finally over. I could not have succeeded without your help."

— John F. | Corporate Legal Counsel

"Your networking techniques and strategies helped me obtain and close this job – through a contact who gave me the inside track. No doubt, Chessmen was essential."

— Andy M. | Sr. Analytical Chemist

"Chessmen was a great help especially when I was working full time while looking for another job. They were like my career assistant while at work."

— Daniel K. | Associate Attorney

"Excellent and immediate results! From my first meeting with Chessmen to accepting a position took 35 days. The direct mail letter was excellent and grabbed attention!"

— Chuck H. | General Manager

"This has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned so much valuable information about the marketing communications field and about my own skills."

— Erica J. | Media Coordinator

"I finally have the career I’ve always dreamed of. I spent over 2 years trying to transition by myself, and within 3 months of starting to work with you I finally got the job I’d been waiting for."

— Betty S., Marketing Director | Fortune 500 Company

"The second offer in just two weeks – and this was the one I really wanted! Thank you for making it happen!"

— Tom R. | Asst. Bank VP

"This was a very difficult decision, leaving a well known and reputable company. Thank you for helping me make a career move instead of a job change. The final offer was twice as high as the initial offer. Thank you Chessmen for helping me negotiate."

— Nina W. | Inside Sales Manager

"During negotiations there was no written offer – everything was done over the phone. Chessmen’s training and counseling were instrumental during this time."

— Kenneth M. | Technical Training Specialist

"The time spent practicing and reviewing interview techniques was especially helpful, and I’m very sure I would not have been hired without learning these. I am very pleased."

— Henry S. | Legal Assistant

"I landed a new job because Chessmen provided the accountability that I needed to keep looking when my enthusiasm flagged. Your comprehensive company database was excellent!"

— Judy H. | Marketing Manager

"I would never have landed this level of job without Chessmen. The résumé and practice interviewing set me apart from the competition. You gave me hope when I moved out of a company that was not a good fit for me."

— Germina D. | Firm Administrator

"In just 1-2 weeks it became apparent that in my situation the Chessmen training and materials on networking would be the key to finding the right job for me. You were vital in preparing me, especially with my résumé."

— Brent W. | Project Manager

"Fantastic job on the résumé and direct mail campaign! You really draw the right information out of a person to enable repositioning them upwards."

— John H. | Project Specialist

"Chessmen helped make the transition from unemployed back to employed much easier. My confidence in finding a job that met my qualifications tripled after working with you. Thanks again!"

— Shea W. | Operation Manager

"If it was not for Chessmen I think I would still be stuck in industrial engineering. Your suggestions and techniques made the difference."

— David P. | Software Engineer

"Thanks to everyone at Chessmen for the strategic and organized way you lead me through this job search campaign."

— J. F., Ph.D. | Senior Scientist

"The job search went quickly and was very enjoyable. I accepted a position that was created for my skills and background. Everything happened just as I had been told!"

— Tamara T. | Marketing Specialist

"The techniques for marketing that I learned at Chessmen will be very helpful in my new position!"

— Michael R. | Financial Services Agent

"The rewrite of my résumé helped focus my experience in a different direction – this was the key to being picked out by the recruiter who connected me with this opportunity."

— Ronald M. | Principal Consultant

"Your networking approach really did open doors for me, and led to my new position. Thank you!"

— Gene H. | Clinical Operations Director