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San Diego Job Hunters: Chessmen are Career Counseling Experts

You've done it before.  You've found a job on your own.  And maybe you're pretty good at it.  But things have changed.  The Internet alone has dramatically altered the job-hunting process.  Add to that the topsy-turvy economy ever since the housing bubble in 2008.  Then there's the "income inequality" buzzword floating around.  Perhaps you've thrown your hat into the job hunting ring lately with a strategy you've felt worked for you before... but no luck.  So maybe it's time to consider career counseling.

Let's face it: things have changed and they're not changing back anytime soon!  And what's more, there is an accelerated pace to this change — especially in the job hunting market.  So what to do?  Consult with an experienced professional in career counseling in San Diego.  Call Chessmen Career Movers.  And the unusual name?  It's pretty simple: We are the masters at moving the chess piece — in this case, you — to a better place on the board.  A place where you can win.  A place where you can leverage your skill-set to increase your earning power, while also finding a job that you love.  Chessmen career counseling will help you define what a "job you love" exactly means to you.  That's what career counseling is all about . It's not just finding you a job, it's helping you step into the future.  A future where you are in control of your career.  Where you call the shots.  Where you have the power and control over your career.  Chessmen career counseling draws out your strengths and teaches you how to "go for the gold" when it comes to job hunting.

With the strategies, advice and training you get with the Chessmen approach, you will have increased confidence AND an arsenal of tools at the ready.  One quick example: "What not to do at your Job interview".  Chessmen president Richard Knappen provides some insight on this topic as published in the San Diego Reader.

Give Chessmen a call at (619) 296-8828 and see how career counseling sets you up for success in the 21st century job market.